Stearns County

              Board of Commissioners

              Stearns County Administration Center

              705 Courthouse Square

              St. Cloud, MN  56303



              Regular Meeting Minutes

              Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Call to Order

9:00 AM Meeting called to order by DeWayne F. Mareck, Chair, on April 4, 2017 at Administration Center, County Administration Center, St. Cloud, MN.


Roll Call

District 1 DeWayne Mareck: Present, District 2 Joe Perske: Absent, District 3 Jeff Mergen: Present, District 4 Leigh Lenzmeier: Present, District 5 Steve Notch: Present, County Administrator Michael Williams: Present, County Auditor - Treasurer Randy Schreifels: Absent, Office Specialist IV Tammy Moulzolf: Present.


Annual Employee Recognition Awards

1.              Presentation of 2016 Annual Employee Recognition Awards were made as follows:  Team Player-Craig Stowell, Performance-Mike Decker, Customer Service-Kari Rud, Life-Saving-Laure Victor, Volunteer Service-Sandra Kruse and Rookie Award-Tess Ellens


C.              Consent Agenda

1.              Approve minutes of Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2.              Approve bid and authorize staff to finalize contract with VTI for installation and maintenance of the video camera system

3.              Approve revised mission statement, values and goals for 2017

4.              Approve Renewal Application to Sell On-Sale 3.2 Percent Malt Liquor Submitted by City of St. Martin Parks and Recreation Department for Period of April 15, 2017 through October 14, 2017 at St. Martin Ballpark Located in St. Martin Township

5.              Authorize Grant Funds for International Association of Emergency Management Conference

6.              Approve as recommended by the Environmental Services Department a one (1) lot minor plat entitled "Herzog 2nd Addition" submitted by Stanley Herzog, Melrose MN, according to Stearns County Subdivision Ordinance No. 230 and Land Use and Zoning Ordinance No. 439.  The property is zoned Agricultural 40 (A-40).  The 2.6 acre plat is located in part of Government Lot 1, Section 28, Millwood Township (126/32), lying easterly of County Road 167 and westerly of Long Lake.

The following conditions apply:

1.      A Declaration of Restriction will be required stating, in order to protect the two soil treatment areas on each lot for sewage treatment use, they shall be maintained in an undisturbed and natural state.

2.      A Subdivision Agreement will be required stating the following:

a.       Construction site best management practices (BMPs) shall be required during construction of any new structures in accordance with Section 7.10 of Stearns County Land Use and Zoning Ordinance 439, or successor Ordinance.

b.      In order to protect them for sewage treatment use, the two soil treatment areas on each lot, as designated on the preliminary plat, shall be staked and roped off prior to any ground disturbing activity on each lot.

c.       The plat of Herzog 2nd Addition is located in an agricultural area and the construction, expansion, and operation of animal feedlots and other agricultural uses are permitted in this area.  The Developers, therefore, acknowledge that future buyers may be exposed to the sights, sounds, smells, and conditions of modern agriculture.

d.      There is potential wetland area west, and southwest of the proposed septic sites.  This is a type 2 and type 3 wetland.  Wetland setbacks must be met.

3.      A Declaration of Restriction is required for the equivalent land area to be restricted from future residential development.

4.      Water Supply Verification is required to be recorded with the final plat. (Water test results for nitrates have been submitted.)

5.      Submit a revised preliminary plat with the following information:

a.       List the highest known lake elevation of 1203.75 NAVD88

b.      Describe the near shore aquatic conditions, including depth, vegetation, type of bottom sediments and aquatic conditions.

c.       Revise the septic system sites to be outside the areas permitted for cut/fill via CUP P-006855.  Make sure they still meet the required 150' lake setback.

d.      Change the rear property line setback to 30' on the west property line.

6.      Follow County Surveyor's comments.

7.      A deed with the legal description for the residual parcel shall be submitted with the final plat.

8.      A $250 parkland dedication fee is required prior to final plat approval.

7.              Approve 2017 Police Services Contract with City of Holdingford

Consent Vote:


MOVER:              Steve Notch, District 5

SECONDER:              Jeff Mergen, District 3


Recess Regular Meeting

Recess Regular County Board Meeting to Conduct Human Services Board Meeting


Human Services Board Consent Items

1.              For Informational Purposes Only Human Services February Claims Paid in Amount of $103,567.68


MOVER:              Jeff Mergen, District 3

SECONDER:              Steve Notch, District 5




Human Services Board Regular Items

Presentation by Mark Sizer, Human Services Administrator, re: consideration of:

1.              Receive Information on Collaborative Efforts in Stearns County to Improve Service to Clients with Mental Health Issues

Presenter:  Julie Ellis, Community Supports Division Director; Becky Bales Cramlet, Community Corrections Division Director; Judge Kris Davick-Halfen, Seventh Judicial District


Close Human Services Board


Reconvene Regular Meeting

Reconvene Regular County Board Meeting


Public Works

Presentation by Jodi Teich, County Engineer, re:  consideration of:

1.              Approve Awarding Contract for CP 075-017-030; County State Aid Highway 75 Traffic Signal Interconnect to Design Electric, Inc. in the amount of $56,712.30


MOVER:              Leigh Lenzmeier, District 4

SECONDER:              Jeff Mergen, District 3


2.              Approve Awarding Contract for 2017 Gravel Crushing To Hard Rock Screening, LLC in the amount of $47,520.00


MOVER:              Jeff Mergen, District 3

SECONDER:              Steve Notch, District 5


3.              Approve bid date of April 27, 2017 for Advertising for Bids for SP 073-070-012 and SP 073-070-014, Ground-in Wet Reflective Epoxy Edgelines.  For more information on bids, view the Stearns County website at:


MOVER:              Steve Notch, District 5

SECONDER:              Jeff Mergen, District 3


4.              Discuss Intersection of County Road 4/County Road 120



Environmental Services

Presentation by Chelle Benson, Environmental Services Director, re: consideration of:

1.              Review Highway Comments for Plat of Beaver Dam Addition

Motion was made by Commissioner Lenzmeier and seconded by Commissioner Notch to accept the Highway Engineer's comments for the plat of Beaver Dam Addition in regards to the location of the driveway.  After some discussion, motion was withdrawn.  After further discussion, motion was made by Commissioner Notch, seconded by Commissioner Lenzmeier and carried unanimously to postpone action until the April 18, 2017 County Board Meeting to give the County Highway Department, County Attorney's Office and property owners an opportunity to work on an agreement to resolve the driveway issue.

Presenter:  Jodi Teich, Highway Engineer;



Presentation by Michael Williams, County Administrator, re:  consideration of:

  1. Discuss Pending Sheriff’s Vacancy. The board was presented four options from Scott Lepak, Labor and Employment Counsel.  After discussing options to the Sheriff vacancy, a fifth option was proposed.  The following options were discussed:
    1. Appoint the incumbent Chief Deputy as Sheriff to fill the balance of the term.
    2. Appoint an individual who publicly states an intention to not run after the term of the Sheriff expires.
    3. Engage in a recruitment and selection process on the same basis as any other vacancy of a department head.
    4. Take no immediate action and allow the Chief Deputy to operate the Sheriff’s Office.
    5. Go back to the previous election and appoint the second candidate.




Chair Mareck adjourned the County Board Meeting at 10:46 a.m.