Welcome to Meetings On Demand, your information source for Stearns County board and committee meetings. Here you will find agendas, agenda packets and minutes for the following groups:

  • Board of Commissioners
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Feedlot Review Committee
  • Planning Commission
  • Shoreland Review Panel
  • Wetland Appeals Panel
  • Wetland Rules Committee
Live and archived video from the Board of Commissioners meetings is also available.

Meetings on Demand is maintained by County Administration. Questions or concerns should be directed to (320)656-3601 or info@co.stearns.mn.us.

Agendas and minutes will open as PDF files. Please note, when selecting a video:

  • A new window appears containing the video and agenda.
  • You may select an agenda item to jump to the spot in the video where that item was discussed.
  • You can also view the details of each agenda item and any attachments.

Documents presented after an agenda has published can be viewed using the document search tool. View documents not included in agenda packet. 


Upcoming Meetings

May, 2017
Board of Commissioners - Regular Meeting
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Past Meetings

April, 2017
Board of Adjustment - Regular Meeting
Feedlot Review Committee - Regular Meeting
Wetland Rules Committee - Regular Meeting
Planning Commission - Regular Meeting
Board of Commissioners - Regular Meeting
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